Let’s clean up the world!

Awect is a frontrunner in high efficiency waste to energy technology. Our passion is to bridge the world of waste to energy, because we strongly believe that a circular economy is essential in order to save earth resources for future generations.

We are a globally oriented organization with our HQ in Amsterdam. We also have representation in China, India, the Philippines, Jordan and Australia. We are working on projects in all continents for which we need expertise.

We expand rapidly and need highly qualified and motivated people to join us.

We are looking for you if you are enthusiastic about making the world a cleaner place for the next generation.

More specific, if you..

  • Are from the waste to/or energy sector (technical background)
  • Are from a governmental background
  • Have a financial background in project finance and deal making
  • Have experience in international Business Development

You should be willing to travel and you understand cultural differences.

We offer a steep learning curve and a role in upgrading the world, in an informal environment, flexible hours and countries to work in, with motivated team mates.

If you are interested and would like to bridge the world from waste to energy with us please send an email with CV and motivation to career@awect.com


Evert Lichtenbelt
Evert LichtenbeltCEO
Economic background, lived in multiple countries for PE firms.

At AEB Amsterdam Evert was responsible for implementing the HE technology in markets outside the Netherlands.

He developed a passion for Waste to Energy.

Sietse Agema
Sietse AgemaCTO
Engineering background, has sailed the world. In 17 years at AEB Amsterdam, Sietse has taken part in the development, startup and operation of the 4th generation HE Waste to Energy plant. He was responsible for the implementation of the HE Project in the running organization. Has a passion for project development and implementation.
Bertrand van Ee
Bertrand van EeChairman
Engineering background, brings wisdom and vast experience to the team. Bertrand has lived in many countries and was CEO of Royal Haskoning DHV, with > 8000 employees in 46 countries.
Marcus Steinig
Marcus SteinigFinancial Director
Economic background with strong legal knowledge. Marcus has, amongst others, worked at Arcadis structuring large infrastructure projects and has the skill of bringing complex deals to a close.
Marcel van Berlo
Marcel van BerloTechnical Advisor
Working for the ministry of infrastructure and environment inspector safety large (nuclear) industries. Has over 25 years of experience as process engineer in designing and operating of Waste to Energy at AEB Amsterdam. Developer of the patent for HE- Technology.
Peter Simoës
Peter SimoësTechnical Advisor/Project Manager
Technical advisor project manager- Has over 25 years of experience in operating and strategic advising for Waste to Energy at AEB Amsterdam. He was part of the design and project team. Project leader of FGT, of the HE-Waste to Energy. Member of the Energy comity of The VA.