The 4th generation in waste tot energy technology

AWECT is the only company in the world that can implement the most efficient High Efficiency Waste to Energy Technology.

Amsterdam Waste Environmental Consultancy & Technology B.V. (AWECT) is a spin-out company from the 142 years old waste management company of the municipality of Amsterdam, capital of the Netherlands. During these 142 years, Amsterdam has become a leader in developing waste management services, regulation and technologies. Today Amsterdam ranks in the top 3 of global clean and sustainable cities.

The technology development by the municipality of Amsterdam has resulted in the most efficient and cleanest Waste to Energy facility in the world. In Amsterdam we have over 100 years’ experience in waste to energy during which 4 generations of WtE technology have been engineered and implemented. The latest generation, the 4thgeneration is widely acknowledged as “beyond Best Available Technology”, and produces more electricity from waste than any other incineration technology for waste.

This High Efficiency (HE) facility that has been running since 2007 has such impressive results that we have set up AWECT to spread the technology internationally. AWECT enjoys the support of the Dutch Government, the Asian Development Bank and the Municipality of Amsterdam amongst other public and institutional institutions.

Network company

AWECT is a networked company. Without the right partners and friends no company can be successful. As such AWECT has a number of exclusive arrangements, for example the exclusive cooperation with the German engineering company Wandschneider + Gutjahr (W+G) for the design for HE-technology. W+G was involved in the development the 3rd and 4th generation WtE plants in Amsterdam. The design of this 4th generation or HE WtE is just one example of their impressive portfolio in Waste to Energy projects over the last 25 years. They have been involved in designing and managing waste to energy projects resulting in more than 20 projects in Europe. For these projects W+G performed conceptual design, basic and detailed engineering, tendering procedures and project management.

Fast growing

Through our network, AWECT has full access to all the operational knowledge of Waste to energy facilities in the Netherlands. Since AWECT has been incorporated, we have set up offices on multiple continents and started projects in even more places. AWECT is growing at a fast pace and does so with support from governments and financial institutions because of our reliability in realizing robust, clean and lasting solutions for waste management.

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