Every step of the way

Awect can play a role in every step of the way in the transition to optimal waste management, from masterplanning to operation of a WtE facility and all steps in between.


Making a masterplan is a governmental assignment. We assess the waste management situation and regulation as-is and sketch the route towards the Amsterdam situation. We present low-hanging fruit and no-regret decisions for the (local) government as well as timelines, besides options for nice-to-haves.

In a masterplan we always combine waste management, with water management and urban planning as this has proven to be a successful holistic approach. In this approach we aim for securing local jobs, formalizing the informal sector and keeping the cost for government and society as low as possible in the transition towards a circular society.

Design & Engineering of HE WtE Technology

With our engineering team, exclusively assisted by W&G from Hamburg, we are able to design and engineer WtE facilities for different locations, for different caloric values of waste and in different sizes. All High-Efficient of course.

We perform, amongst others:

  • (Pre) Feasibility Study
  • Conceptual Design
  • Basic Design
  • Basic Engineering
  • Detailed Engineering
  • Procurement assistance
  • Quality Control
  • O & M review & guidance

Operation and training of staff

 AWECT assists in operation of the HE facilities designed by us. We can train local staff and supply operational staff for the key positions in order to make sure performance of the facility is up to specs.

When the local staff is up to speed, operation can be done by local staff entirely.

Partner in WtE Projects

AWECT can have multiple roles in the development of a WtE project.

We can be co-owner in the development phase. We can be a pure technology consultant and engineer/ operator. We can help raise capital. We can be the lead company in a project during the development phase and possibly thereafter. We can make a project work and are willing to go to great lengths to make any project we are involved in successful and by that making this world a cleaner place.