Contributing to the UN Sustainable Development Goals

Technology by itself does not make the difference. Technology should be part of an overall vision which contributes to a recourse and energy efficient society were everyone has the same possibilities to pursuit their happiness within this paradigm.

AWECT always works within this vision and if necessary, can help authorities to define a waste management system where they can implement the right measures and technologies in order to achieve their goals. Simply hands on step by step guidance for every phase, based on a long-term experience of lessons learned and best practices in Amsterdam and Europe.

We work in partnerships, collaborating with research institutes, governmental bodies, local partners, financial sectors, with respect to the local waste management value chain. Implementing waste to energy projects ask for carefully stakeholder management in order to align all stakeholders interest towards the same goals.

Building and operating HE WtE plants contributes to local economic growth, not only by creating decent high skilled job and opportunities for locals, but also by diversifying the energy market, providing clean renewable energy as an alternative option.  It brings innovation and a perspective on innovation challenging societies for the next step. HE WtE can start the development of ECO-ports where next generation processes can be developed.