Circular Economy

Circular Economy is essential in order to save earth resources for future generations. The aim of the CE is to produce and consume in such a way that we no longer capitalize on the earth recourses.Circular Ecomnomy goes beyond reuse, repair and recycle as it means a total paradigm shift on how we produce and consume. As long as we stay in a traditional consuming pattern, Reuse Repair and Recycling are essential to store energy and materials in society as long as possible.But we also have to realize that there will be losses in this process which is illustrated in the picture of the Ellenmcarthurfoundation. How successful we will be is to be proven in the next decades.

For most of the products and materials goes that they are not designed for a CE. So, what we see after use and reuse, as in in recycled materials, the functions of these materials eventually get lost.Next to that the composition of the products and materials are even too complex for reuse, repair and recycling. Normally these products end up at landfill after one time use only.Waste to energy is a sink solution for end of life materials in a circular economy.  Waste to energy is a better alternative for landfill, by turning it into energy and materials. Waste to Energy in its way, is the circular sink for a circular economy.

This statement is supported by European Commission (  and Ellen Macarthur Foundation. The Asian Development Bank’s promotes 8 pathways to a circular economy, with advanced waste to energy plants being the first step. According to the waste statistics from Eurostat

(, in Europe, it is the countries with highest recycling rates that have the highest rate of waste to energy. Therefore, as indicated by European Commission in its document The role of waste-to-energy in the circular economy, waste to energy, together with prevention, reuse and recycling on waste hierarchy, is an indispensable element in building a circular economy. For successful implementation of Waste to Energy it is essential to improve your whole waste management system, so there for the start for building your CE.Yunfei: Do we need to explain CE here? Or we just explain the relationship between WtE and CE?