Kangda Intl. Environmental Co.

AWECT established a joint venture with Kangda Intl. Environmental Co., Ltd. (Kangda EP). Kangda EP is listed in Hongkong (stock code: HK6136), focusing on the investment, construction and operation of water infrastructure.

Via establishing the joint venture with AWECT, Kangda EP is determined to enter solid waste management industry, and AWECT’s High Efficiency Waste-to-Energy technology will enable Kangda EP to be a black horse in its new business field.

Wanschneider & Gutjahr

AWECT has an exclusive contract with engineering company Wanschneider & Gutjahr, who has an long track record in waste to energy in Europe.

AWECT works with the Department of Urban Planning from the City of Amsterdam, Waternet and the Amsterdam Institute for Advanced Mertropolitant Solutions (AMS) on several masterplanning projects for greater metropolitan areas, such as Maharashtra and Buenos Aires.