The Amsterdam Waste Environmental Consultancy & Technology company (AWECT) provides services for Waste-to-Energy (WtE) projects and consults governments on strategies for waste management in a circular society. Waste-to-Energy is complementary to recycling in a circular economy and is never in competition with it, because WtE provides a sound “sink” solution for residual waste streams which cannot be recycled or reused.

High Efficient (HE) WtE provides a competitive alternative to landfill especially in countries where electricity prices are high and gate fees for landfill are low. The HE WtE technology has a negative CO2 footprint. 

The services AWECT can provide include studies, master planning, engineering and implementation of HE WtE technology. The HE technology allows for the best net electrical efficiency (>30%) in the world. In other words: this technology generates more energy from the same amount of incinerated waste than any other conventional WtE technology and thus with the lowest CO2 footprint per MWh of electricity produced. The HE technology achieves superior financial returns in communities where WtE is mainly used for electricity production.

As a result of the Paris Agreement, governments rightly reconsider their waste management policy and their energy mix. The HE WtE technology is a strong option for reaching environmental goals. AWECT stands ready to provide customers with solutions for their waste management challenges.

AWECT works through a partner network and is open to new partnerships.